braket.device_schema.xanadu.xanadu_device_parameters_v1 module

class braket.device_schema.xanadu.xanadu_device_parameters_v1.XanaduDeviceParameters(*, braketSchemaHeader: BraketSchemaHeader = BraketSchemaHeader(name='braket.device_schema.xanadu.xanadu_device_parameters', version='1'))[source]

Bases: BraketSchemaBase

This defines the parameters common to all the Xanadu devices.


Parameters that are common to photonic devices


A dictionary of gate parameters to two numbers representing the lower and upper bound for each parameter.


Device name


>>> import json
>>> input_json = {
...    "braketSchemaHeader": {
...        "name": "braket.device_schema.xanadu.xanadu_device_parameters",
...        "version": "1",
...    },
... }
>>> XanaduDeviceParameters.parse_raw_schema(json.dumps(input_json))

Create a new model by parsing and validating input data from keyword arguments.

Raises ValidationError if the input data cannot be parsed to form a valid model.

braketSchemaHeader: BraketSchemaHeader