braket.device_schema.device_action_properties module

class braket.device_schema.device_action_properties.DeviceActionType[source]

Bases: str, enum.Enum

These are the actions supported by Braket.

JAQCD = ''
class braket.device_schema.device_action_properties.DeviceActionProperties[source]

Bases: pydantic.main.BaseModel

This class defines the actions that can be performed by a device


List of versions for the actions the device supports


Enum for the action type. Type of the action to be performed.


>>> import json
>>> input_json = {
...     "actionType": "",
...     "version": ["1"],
... }
>>> DeviceActionProperties.parse_raw(json.dumps(input_json))

Create a new model by parsing and validating input data from keyword arguments.

Raises ValidationError if the input data cannot be parsed to form a valid model.